I’m having trouble locating the lab. How do I get there?

  • We’re located at 90 Oceanside Dr, inside WELD. Look for the orange shipping containers! Once you get there, someone at the front desk will let you in and show you where the forms are. 

If I drop my film off at the lab, do I need to fill out the online form also?

  • Nope! The online form is for those of you that plan on sending in your film by mail. If you’re dropping your film off in person, there are paper forms for you to fill out at the front desk. 

How do I receive my negatives and scans after they’ve been processed?

  • If you dropped your film off in person, your negatives will be waiting for you at the lab upon completion of your order. If you do not want your negatives back, please specify on your form. And your scans will be emailed to you via a dropbox link! If you mailed in your film and would like your negatives shipped back to you, just check the box on the order form.  

Sometimes I get my film back in less than 5-7 days and other times it is the standard 5-7. Why is that?

  • Southbound is committed to getting your film back to you as quickly as we can, and always within 5-7 days. It all depends on the influx of orders that come in. Some seasons are busier than others! If for some reason it has been more than 7 days and you have not received your scans, don’t hesitate to reach out to check on your order. And don’t forget to check your spam inbox, just in case!

What is the difference between basic and premium scans?

  • Basic scans are your best option for photos taken for fun or for personal work. We might make a few in-scanner corrections, but besides that your film is scanned as is. Premium scans are best for work that needs to be delivered to clients quickly. On top of in-scanner corrections, we will touch up your scans in Lightroom so they’re delivery-ready! 

Do you offer push/pull services?

  • We do! We can push/pull your film at no extra cost. Just specify what you’d like done in the “extra notes” section of your order form.

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